Killer Electronics Savings

Not much to say other than these are some great savings on all kinds of electronics from SecondAct.

$1000 Off Marantz DLP Front Projector! Model: VP11S1. Use Coupon Code: 2nd1019 Expires 3-22 2007.

$500 Off Marantz DLP Front Projector! Model: VP12S4. Use Coupon Code: 2nd1020 Expires 3-22 2007.

Save $400 on Sharp 65″ LCD HDTV! Model: LC65D90U. Use Coupon Code: 2nd1021. Expires 3-22 2007.

Save $300 Off Escient Music Managers! Models: E2100, E2200, E2400. Use Coupon Code: 2nd2017 Expires 3-22 2007.

$300 Off Samsung 52″ LCD HDTV. Model: LNS5296D Use Coupon Code: 2nd1016 Expires 3-22 2007.

$200 off Sharp 45″ LCD HDTV! Very Limited Quantities! Model: LC45GX6U Use Coupon Code: 2nd1018. Expires 3-22 2007.