Julie Amero Gets More Time

More time to work on her case that is. The sentencing, which was originally scheduled for last Friday, has been postponed until March 29th, 2007. Her defense attorney requested the postponement so he could have more time to help familiarize another attorney and a consultant with the case.

In his letter to the court, Cocheo said attorney William Dow has become involved in the case, along with sentencing consultant Clinton Roberts. Cocheo could not be reached for comment Monday. Source: Amero sentencing postponed

If you haven’t been following the case, Julie Amero was accused of visiting porn websites in front of her class as a substitute teacher at Kelly Middle School and is facing 40 YEARS in prison for it, yes, 40 years. But the case has taken a turn and is now focused on the the fact that she didn’t turn the computer off, even though she was told not to, or did not do more to prevent them from seeing it. So, she is actually facing 40 years in prison because the school system did not have filters in place to block porn websites, was using outdated, less secure equipment and provided no training in what to do in such circumstances, and she was not allowed to properly defend herself.

Assistant State’s Attorney David Smith, who prosecuted the case, has said Amero did not do enough –such as shutting of the computer — to protect the children from exposure to the pornography.

If that is what she is guilty of, then she certainly does not need to be facing 40 years in prison. The case started out accusing her of visiting the porn sites, they said, “It is the state’s contention that she purposefully went to these websites”, how can this change? With all of the great computer people, like Alex Eckelberry, who are helping with the case now, hopefully they can spin this back around and point it right back at the school system and the local legal system, who should be held responsible for this.

The PaperGhost has quite a few posts on the Julie Amero case, and has been very vocal on the Norwhich Bulletin website, where they have repeatedly slanted their stories against her, and, after being pressured, have deleted blog posts and comments on their site. Check out his website for more, like this post Julie Amero Court Transcripts Online: AKA, Ragearama 2007.