Google Releases Picasa Web Albums Data API

Google has released the API for the Picasa Web Albums, you can add, request, update and delete albums, photo and tags, and using this script here from Googlified, you can embed Picasa web albums on your site. Download Picasa by clicking this link,

The Picasa Web Albums team is pleased to announce the release of the newest member of the GData family, the Picasa Web Albums data API.

Now you can access your albums, photos, comments and tags through a common GData API. Have a great idea for integrating your photos and tags into a semantic network? Want to add a slide show of your favorite photos to your homepage and include user comments? How about autotagging your photos based on image analysis or photo description or title? Or allowing users to pick a Picasa Web Albums photo from inside your application? The possibilities are endless. Source: GData for Picasa Web Albums