Google Earth Tutorials and Help

If you haven’t looked around there is all kinds of stuff available for Google Earth, Google has some great tutorials, help, support, forums and more. I’m going to list as many as I can here, if you know of a good resource for Google Earth, drop it in a comment and I will add it to this post. Download Google Earth by clicking this link, to get the latest version of Google Earth.

Google Earth Tutorials from Google:
Navigating on the Earth

Searching for Locations and Businesses

Marking Locations

Making Movies in Google Earth Pro and EC

Here is the Google Earth User Guide, which lists everything you can do while using Google Earth.

The Google Earth FAQ This is the list of frequently asked questions.

The Google Earth Help Center.

Having trouble with Google Earth? Google Earth troubleshooting.

Check out the huge Google Earth Community from keyhole.

You can check out the Using Google Earth Blog.

And you can check out everything we have posted about Google Earth and all of the Google Earth Layers we have listed.