Google Earth Asked to Remove Mount Hitler

Google has been asked, a couple times now, to remove the name Mount Hitler and leave it’s original name of Heigelkopf in their virtual earth program, Google Earth, download it now and see for yourself by clicking on the following link.

The mayor of a small town in Germany on Thursday called on Google Earth to delete a reference to a nearby “Mount Hitler” from its geographic image service, saying it was misleading.

Andreas Wiedemann, mayor of Bad Toelz, south of Munich, said the peak near the Bavarian town had been known as Mount Hitler for a short time during the Third Reich but had been given back its original name of Heigelkopf after World War Two. Source: Google Earth urged to remove “Mount Hitler” name

Google Earth is displaying both names and has apparently been doing so for a few years, a Google Germany spokesman, Stefan Keuchel, said it had appeared due to a “technical accident”. Must be their version of Hey y’all, watch this!

A patent infringement suit was dismissed this week, Skyline Software Systems Inc. said that the Google Earth mapping software of Google’s Keyhole Inc. infringed Skyline patents, with the Judge saying that Google Earth does not try to render views of Earth’s terrain, but uses it’s own fly-through, 3d software.

A U.S. judge ruled that Google Inc.’s 3D modeling software, which gives Web users an astronaut’s view of the earth and allows them to zoom down to street level, does not infringe the patent of a rival.

The judge also denied motions from both parties on whether the patents in question were valid, but left the possibility for either party to reassert these issues if they do so before April 20. He canceled a planned trial date set for June. Source: Google Earth patent infringement suit dismissed

Google aquired Keyhole in October 2004 and renamed their product to Google Earth.