Windows Vista Hardware Assessment

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment
Microsoft has released a tool to help administrators scan their network for computers that are capable of running Windows Vista, it scans computers running Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Professional and Server operating systems, collects the inventory, and device information on a network of computers from one computer, the tool just wants the computers to support Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). It outputs spreadsheets that provide detailed results of the inventory and assessment and word documents that summarize the results of the inventory and assessment for all computers that are currently running a Microsoft Windows client operating system.

The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment provides detailed analysis on hardware and device compatibility for Windows Vista. The tool also provides the option to check for updates to the compatibility data.

The analysis identifies which computers are already ready for Windows Vista migration and identifies the computers that could be ready for migration to Windows Vista after hardware upgrades. The tool identifies and recommends hardware upgrades, but does not recommend costly hardware upgrades, such as CPU upgrades.

The analysis also determines which hardware devices have device drivers available on the Windows Vista installation DVD, which hardware drivers can be downloaded from Windows Update, and devices which require contacting the manufacturer to obtain a device driver. Source: Windows Vista Hardware Assessment

Download the program from here.