Windows Vista and Second Life Troubles

Microsoft recently threw a splashy party for the release of Windows Vista inside of Second Life, the much talked about virtual world online, but users running Vista may have had trouble connecting to the service. Linden labs is currently working on an important upgrade to the Second Life viewer, something that needs to be done before they can attempt a fix for users who are having trouble.

A spokesman for Linden Lab said the fixes will likely be ready in a couple of weeks.

In a test of Second Life-Vista compatibility on a Dell XPS m1210, the operating system didn’t work properly with the virtual world because of an unsupported graphics driver.

The problems come only weeks after Microsoft put on its glitzy launch event for Vista inside Second Life. The company hosted a streaming concert of rave musician Praga Khan on January 30, and it was promoted in 10 Second Life locations, including within islands known as Strawberry Estate, Sanctuary Rock and Isle of Lesbos, according to the blog of Miel Van Opstal, an employee in Microsoft’s Belgium office and a self-described “enthusiast evangelist.” Source: No ‘Second Life’ for Microsoft’s Vista

There was a post commenting on this on the Second Life blog and one user commented about an open source viewer for Second Life that is currently working for lots of people who were having trouble, though some are still having crashes with it.

I?m surprised no one?s mentioned this, but there *IS* a way for people to get their Second Life Fix on Windows Vista. On the Second Life Forum, a generous user by the name of ?Lockhart Cordoso? has provided a version of the Second Life Opensource client to do some modifications that allow SL to run on ATI cards. However, it doesn?t neccesarily run perfectly, some users do report crashes still. But while LL and ATI work to get things fixed up properly, this client will be more than functional for ones? basic needs.

The thread in the forum can be found here:
Second Life Forums

As of February 12th, 2007, you can find the client downloadable here:
VistaSL Setup-
Please refer to the Forum Thread for assistance, and check for updated versions there!

I?ve been using it for the past few days. While it is slower than XP run SL on my computer, I have found it to work well enough to converse with friends and build. If you can?t/don?t wish to change your video card to an nVidia, or you are a notebook user (like me), give it a try! And don?t forget to give Lockhart Cordoso a thank you note! Source: Windows Vista Status

So, all you Second Lifers, if you are already running Vista, there may be hope. Although, there did seem to be lots of users who are running Vista and are not having problems, though it is possible it’s because of a different video card.