Will Vista Run Your Current Games?

Those guys at ExtremeTech continue to pump out some really good stuff lately, today?s link, is an article where they tested if Windows Vista would run his current crop of games. All he did was he installed Windows Vista, installed all the latest updates and drivers, and he changed the resolution and the background image, no special tweaking was applied, and luckily, video card vendors have been updating their Vista drivers recently, so this will be better than it would have been a few weeks ago.

Windows has been the best OS for gamers for years, and Vista takes that to the next level. That’s all well and good for games made with Vista in mind, but what about your existing game library? Last May, when Vista was at the Beta 2 milestone, I wrote a feature in which I installed around 15 games on the unfinished OS, describing how well each one worked. Now that Vista is “done” (inasmuch as any OS is ever actually finished), it’s time to do it again. This time, I’m going to use the final Vista release, a DX10 video card (not that it really matters with no DX10 games), and all the drivers available upon Vista’s launch. I’ll also take a look at a lot more games, around 25.

I have been living with Vista as my full-time OS on my home computer since around October, as well. I’ll share some of my experiences, as a gamer, with using Vista as my everyday OS leading up to release, with a little perspective on where things stand today. First, let’s find out if Vista got game, by installing a bunch of popular titles. Source: Will Vista Run Your Games: The Final Word

Looks like Vista has improved since the last time he did such a test, on the beta 2 version of Vista, and as more drivers are updated, the experience should get even better. The previous review he called Vista a B- gaming platform, now it has increased to an A-, he said gamers may see a little performance hit when comparing to Windows XP, and some of the game controllers may have trouble, but both issues will be solved by drivers for Windows Vista.