Top IE7 Add-Ons

Do you wish IE7 came with a spell checker? Would you like to be able to open your last closed tab? How about a preview of the webpage you are getting ready to visit? How about inline search? All of these are available as add-ons to Internet Explorer 7, and many more. Firefox is not the only browser you can trick out and make better, there are many other add-ons to IE7 at the Windows Market Place.

No web browser is perfect, and no web browser does everything just the way everyone wants it to.

Enter add-ons. Also called extensions or plug-ins, add-ons let third-party companies and users with programming skills extend the browser’s functionality in different ways. They are your ticket to a customized web.

Mozilla Firefox is known as the world’s most extensible web browser, which is a big reason for its appeal among web geeks. But users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista’s native browser, need not be left out in the cold when it comes to add-ons.

Here’s our roundup of the seven best ways to trick out IE7. Source: Seven Best Add-Ons for IE7