Those Damn Third Parties Again

Just wanted to post a quick comment on those damn third parties that companies like Direct Revenue and Zango/180solutions always seem to blame.

If it wasn’t for those third parties they blame, no one would have their crapware/adware installed on their pc’s, and these companies know it, that is why they use them. Let others do it, and blame them when they get caught. Lather, Rinse and Repeat. It’s win win for adware companies, they get their “software” installed on millions of pc’s and make boatloads of money doing it, all the while blaming these damn third parties. Apparently it has worked very well for Direct Revenue, after bringing in 23 million by installing their adware on millions of computers using security holes, drive by downloads and however else they could get it installed, they have just hit with a fine from the FTC for 1.5 million dollars.


According to the FTC’s charges, Direct Revenue and its affiliates installed adware, including programs that produced pop-up ads, on users’ machines without properly disclosing what the software would do. In some cases, Direct Revenue affiliates exploited browser security flaws to install adware. The result, said the FTC, was “unfair and deceptive methods to download adware onto consumers’ computers and then obstruct them from removing it.”

Under the agreement, New York-based Direct Revenue will pay $1.5 million as “ill-gotten gains.” The marketing company is also barred from delivering ads to anyone who installed its software before Oct. 1, 2005, unless they respond to specific opt-in messages.

“Direct Revenue is pleased with today’s settlement,” the company said in a brief statement posted to its Web site. Source: Adware maker settles with FTC for $1.5M

Of course they are pleased with the deal, who wouldn’t be happy they could make over 20 million after fines. Jon Leibowitz criticized the size of the settlement, glad someone did, he said in his dissent that he would rather go to trial and risk losing than allow these losers to line their pockets with 20 million. We still have some hope that the State of New York will do the right thing and hit them really hard.

Oh, and all of those new articles talking about the settlement that talk about it being popup ads, like this one from the LATimes, Marketer behind pop-up ads to pay $1.5-million penalty, really do the whole thing a dis-service, in my opinion.