Dell Vista Upgrade

Looks like another day of no good news about Windows Vista, to start, lots of people are complaining to Dell because it is taking so long to get their “free” upgrade copy of Windows Vista. Looks like the upgrade copies will not start shipping until the end of February, the earlier you submitted yours, the earlier you will get it as they are doing it first in first out, as they should.

Many customers are now asking when we will start shipping the Vista Upgrade. Dell expects to begin shipping the upgrade in the latter part of February. The upgrade availability for some systems like the XPS 710 and 710 H2C will take longer. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’re still validating some drivers for high-end graphics cards and gaming peripherals, and still testing compatibility with some gaming software. When we have updated information for XPS 710 and 710 H2C customers, I’ll blog about it in a future post. Source: When Will My Vista Upgrade Ship?

This stinks, it will probably be late March before I get mine, seems like I submitted it a couple or three weeks ago, so it may be awhile. They are including a Dell upgrade assistant DVD, to help customers with the upgrade process. If the site is telling you your service tag is not being recognized as being valid, go to the Dell Blog and leave a comment, making sure you include your email in the email address field, and they will have a CSR contact you to figure out the problem.