Comcast’s Limited Unlimited Internet Service

Here comes one of those public relations things for Comcast, the dumber the things you do to people, the more press you get. If you are with Comcast, beware that unlimited internet is not really unlimited internet, but, what is the limit? Don’t ask, because they won’t tell you as they cannot divulge that information. Then how are they supposed to not go over it? The most important thing is that they called the customer support line and they told them it was probably a hoax because of the area code the call was coming from. What would you do if someone at the company said it was probably a hoax? You would, of course, ignore the hoax. Not a good idea if you are dealing with Comcast apparently.

Comcast asked Frank to cut back his unlimited internet usage. Frank was confused. He thought unlimited meant, well, unlimited. Frank was wrong. Very wrong.

Comcast replaced Frank’s faulty cable modem in November. Frank’s wife received a warning from Comcast in December. Their excessive internet required upgrading to a business account for an additional $10 per month. Maybe $20. The CSRs weren’t clear. Frank decided something wasn’t right and stopped trying to resolve the situation. Source: Comcast Customer Uses “Unlimited Service” Excessively, Gets Disconnected For A Year

He had some very interesting exchanges with people who work at Comcast, like this guy, who had a very high opinion of himself.

Me: Even the CEO of the company has to account to somebody such as the board of directors.

Geovanny: As far as you’re concerned, I am the CEO

Me: I understood Brian Roberts was the CEO of Comcast? If a complaint was directed to him and the board they would need to take action in resolving this problem. We did not receive sufficient notification and your customer service was clueless to the problem with our account last month.

Geovanny: He would just bounce the complaint to me.

File this under CSR gone wild, and not in the good way. A customer contacts you because you asked them to because of a problem, they do and are told to ignore it, so it is, of course still your fault for using all of that bandwidth. You should’ve have dealt with it they said. Ridiculous. They should of course report them to a better business bureau and pursue their rights, but they do have a few options available.

I have just recently started using a Sony Vaio handheld computer with Cingular’s wireless service and it works very well, they should definitely try them. They should also find another person with the same service and see if they can swap routers to see if the same bandwidth problems happen. Though, this might not work if they use the mac address on the router or some other way to identify it, but it would be worth a shot. Satellite is an option, and if they are in reach of a neighbors house, they could maybe talk them into allowing them on their wireless network, and offer to install one if they don’t, in exchange for them paying half of the bill.

Here is the link to the blog he has at blogspot detailing everything that is happening. Comcast Broadband Dispute.

I’ve been accused of many things these last few weeks. Let’s be clear. The reason my HSI service was terminated was because I violated a monthly download limitation which Comcast is not willing to disclose. People online have mentioned they were happy to see me gone as I was a “bandwidth hog”. Those same people however have been unwilling to post what they believe an internet user should be using monthly. In my research I’ve found people terminated for downloading anywhere from 60-100 Gigs. The number seems to change depending ob which state they live. Source: Comcast Broadband Dispute