Windows Vista vs. OS X Link Bait

Robert Scoble posted some great link bait today, starting a Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X debate to pump up the demand for his latest video, in which he talks to four big time technology guys, Fred Davis. Co-founder of Wired Magazine, Sam Levin. Co-founder of the Stanford Mac user?s group, and the guy who does Cool Mac Picks, Harry McCracken, Editor in Chief of PC World, and Jeremy Toeman, who used to work at SlingMedia and is very knowledgeable about all sorts of HD video stuff. Sounds like it could be fun, but the fun has already started in his comments.

So, I thought it?d be fun to do it again in 2007 now that Microsoft is shipping Windows Vista. Yeah, fresh meat for the whole debate! (Or was that just the burritos we were eating?) This presented an interesting opportunity to invite four interesting people over to the house last night who would give me insights from both sides of the aisle. Of course Maryam and I gave them some social lubricant and Tres Amigos? burritos, and recorded it. We burned through two tapes (almost two hours). One thing that?s a given in our industry: we?ll never tire of talking about Apple vs. Microsoft. Even, when, as Fred Davis points out below, there?s not all that much to talk about (the discussions were a lot more fun back in 1989 when there was a truly huge difference between the two OS?s). Source: Windows Vista vs. Mac OSX, the two-hour definitive word

70 comments and counting as of this writing with plenty more to come, I am sure. He will post the video when Microsoft releases the consumer version of Windows Vista on January 31st.