Windows Vista Ultimate Extras Revealed

I asked before if anyone knew what the Ultimate Extras that were supposed to be coming with Windows Vista Ultimate, Bill Gates released that news in his keynote at CES this year. There are three of them and they will be released January 30th, about the same time Vista is released.

Windows DreamScene: Windows DreamScene gives users the ability to use a video as their desktop background, just as they would any stationary image background. DreamScene will consist of high-quality looped videos that make your desktop come alive. As a default, we’ve included a nice waterfall video (shown at the keynote) among several others. Better yet, you can even use your own videos. Want to know a little-known secret? For computers that support Windows Aero, DreamScene offers enhancements to positioning of stationary images as wallpapers in Windows Vista. More info

BitLocker and EFS Enhancements: MS will provide enhancements to BitLocker in Ultimate Extras, including a tool called the Secure Online Key Backup, with which you can store your BitLocker recovery password on a secure MS website. More info

Texas Hold’em Poker Game: MS is bringing this popular poker game to Windows Vista. With this Ultimate Extra, you can add to your Windows gaming experience. Hold’em players: Windows Vista’s DirectX improvements give you amazing graphics effects in the game — you can play up to five computer players at once. We’ve also thrown in the ability to customize the table and cards, too. More info Source: Windows Vista Team Blog

Nick White and some other Vista team members will also be doing a bus tour January 16-24, 2007, in a custom-wrapped Windows Vista bus and they will be visiting the following cities, and some points in between:

Nashville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville and Atlanta.

They will demo Windows Vista, Ultimate Extras, speech recognition, Tablet functionality, and the way Media Center works with the Xbox 360 as an extender, and they say they will also be giving stuff away.