Windows Vista Digital Cable Tuners

Here is one cool looking Windows Vista device, a Windows Vista Digital Cable Tuner. Robert McLaws has posted some pictures of the unboxing of his, and will be detailing the device, it’s abilities and it’s limitations.

Last year at CES, Microsoft announced that with Vista Media Center, home users would be able to record high-definition television. Through OpenCable Receivers (OCURs) sold through system OEMs, you?d be able to plug a CableCARD into a box attached to your computer and record pristine digital cable, even in HD. AnandTech had a great article on them, even posting some pictures of an early prototype.

Well, I?ve been able to experience this system first-hand over the last six months, and this is one of the many Vista-related technologies that I?m really excited about. The OCUR name is gone, in favor of ?Digital Cable Tuners?, or DCTs. The reason for the change was to bring the terminology in line with the existing analog products on the market for the last decade. Source: Exclusive: Windows Vista Digital Cable Tuners

He is also planning on interviewing some people from ATI about the inner workings of this device.