There once was this techie named Charlie…

…who didn’t know his ass from his Harley?

Hey I’m a poet and didn’t know it. Okay, you can stop booing at anytime. I shouldn’t be mean, but after reading the usual bashing and fighting at digg and slashdot over this, I thought I should point the finger at the real problem, the tech guy himself.

I just read Windows screw-up forces Ubuntu shift from the Inquirer. He starts out by saying he does this every week, but after reading the article, I think he either tried some hardware he had never used before, or he does not do this every week, or just thought this would be a good article to get some links and some traffic for the Inquirer? Possibly, doesn’t know his ass from a whole in the ground, you decide…

It started out quite simply, a client needed to set up a small branch office, something I do almost every week. Four workstation and a repository for files, occasional backups, and a shared printer is all they would need, nothing special. Five HP 5100s, a printer, a Promise TX2300 with mirrored drives and a DVD-R was all I needed. That was the easy part.

Out came the anaemic 40GB drive from one HP, and in when the Promise controller and two WD 200GB SATA drives. The TX2300 was a snap to set up, the hardest part was rebooting 10 times until I caught that CTRL-F is the key to get into the card BIOS. A minute later, the RAID was built and it was time to restore the OS from the CDs. Two thumbs up to Promise here, it really could not be easier. Source: the INQUIRER

The gist of the story that he wants you to come away with is that Ubuntu saved the day, while HP and Microsoft just made it harder. Hardly, the client just wanted four client pc’s and one for file serving, he decided to use a third party raid controller and remove the original windows boot drive, which would make for him being onsite even longer, so he must be charging by the hour instead of the job. Why reinstall the OS at all? The setup is almost perfect, the execution left something to be desired, and this ends up being a poor attempt at beating down Microsoft instead of taking blame himself because he was not ready for the situation. If you are going to sell your services professionally, you should be prepared for the job that you sold them. While I agree the policy of not sending operating system install CD’s with the computers is a pain, you can create the installation CD’s yourself, or do it differently. This was not Microsoft’s fault, just poor planning and execution by the writer.