Storm Trojan Heavily Spammed Over the Weekend

Boy, there were some busy spammers and virus writers over the weekend, so you know our trusty anti-malware/virus fighters were busy as well, this time, fighting the Storm Worm. The guys pushing this malware, Small-DAM (AKA DwnLdr-FYD) Trojan, definitely had a flair for the headlines, as they pushed everything from violent storms, Saddam Hussein is alive, Chinese missile shot down, all the way to Internet love.

The original attack tried to trick users into executing malicious files containing Trojan horse code, posing as information about the inclement weather. The malware was distributed in messages with subject lines such as “230 dead as storm batters Europe”, supplied with attachments containing the Small-DAM (AKA DwnLdr-FYD) Trojan. Attachments may contain one of the following filenames: Full Clip.exe; Full Story.exe; Read More.exe and Video.exe.

The malware also came in emails carrying other provocative subject lines including: “British Muslims Genocide”, “Naked teens attack home director”, “A killer at 11, he’s free at 21 and kill again!” and “U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked German Chancellor Angela Merkel”.

If executed, the payload turns infected PCs into compromised, zombie clients under the control of hackers. Two in every three reports of malware tracked by anti-virus firm Sophos on Friday, 19 January involved reports of the Trojan. Source: Storm Trojan gang declare start of World War III

Checking the F-Secure Blog at different times throughout the week is always good, as they are usually on top of these things. Symantec says it is the worst malware outbreak since May 2005 when the Sober.O mass-mailing worm affected a similar number of computers.

Malicious software that was sent out in millions of spam messages over the weekend has now infected about 300,000 computers, making it the worst malware outbreak since 2005, Symantec said Monday.

The so called “Storm Worm” e-mail messages first started appearing last Wednesday, advertising attached news reports on topics like “230 Dead as storm batters Europe,” or “U.S. Secretary of Sate Condoleeza Rice has kicked German Chancellor.”

The attachments have names such as “Full Story.exe” or “Full Video.exe.” Once they are launched, these files install malicious software that then waits to receive further instructions over the Internet. Source: Symantec: Storm Trojan worst outbreak since 2005

The latest versions of the spam are using love terms, A Bouguet of Love, A Day in Bed Coupon, Love Birds and A Kiss Coupon to name a few. As always, never open attachments that you aren’t expecting, especially from someone you don’t know, and make sure your anti-virus and anti-spyware / malware programs are updated. And hey, let’s be careful out there.