MySpace Suing Spammer Scott Richter

That term has been said many, many times, spammer Scott Richter, say it with me, spammer Scott Richter, of, I’m sure many of you have received mail from these guys, whether they identified themselves as optinrealbig or not, that would be the question. Here is one of many threads at Abestweb where they denied any wrong doing, like in this statement:

We take all abuse very seriously and act probably faster then most networks on abuse when there is any problem reported to us. I would like is any of you could email me your emails that you have gotten that you claim are spam so that we can respond to them as well as show Optin info to you.

I think this is a fair request to make as its easy to scream and say what you like but its fair to let us proof your statements are not true.

I do not see how it benefits any one if we do not all work together as a group.

Please email and ones to look up to

Thank you and I look forwarding to replying with the information and will hope you then will post that we did not spam you. Source: Abestweb

I think we all probably chuckled when reading it, the thing I have learned from liars over the years is, not matter what, never admit to anything, so, they always deny, deny, deny, once you admit it, you can never take it back. So it is good to see them getting some of their just rewards.

MySpace also seeks a permanent injunction to bar Scott Richter, who has fought with Microsoft and the state of New York over spam, and his affiliates from using the popular social networking site. Richter runs, an e-mail marketing company based in Westminster, Colorado.

MySpace, which is owned by News Corp., also accused Richter of running afoul of the federal CAN-SPAM act and California’s antispam law. The suit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Source: Yahoo

They are accused of sending millions of bulletins, a few lines of text you can send to multiple users on MySpace, to MySpace users from July to December of last year. Of course this is not the first time they have been accused of anything, nor has it been the first time they have had settlements against them, they settled with Microsoft in August of 2005 for 7 million and in 2004 with they state of NY for a measly $50,000, probably less than a days take back then. It’s good to see spammers like and Scott Richter getting what they deserve. You go MySpace.