Is Google TV for Real?

Google TV
I’ve just been reading about this whole Google TV thing that has been going on, where this guy named Mark Erickson in a video from Infinite Solutions, shows you how to get an invite to the next big beta from Google, Google TV. It’s a pretty good hoax for lots of reasons. Google buying Youtube, Google wants to own all forms of advertising so they will get to TV sooner or later, as more quality content is created online, they will be able to translate that over to TV, and soon we will be watching TV on the Internet and the Internet on TV. Both videos that were created by them are high quality, especially the second video as it actually looks like he is accessing a Google TV site. Both videos are below. Is it real, probably in some other form, but this is one well done hoax and should get an A for effort at least.

Now watch the second video here, it looks to me like they created a movie and he is operating the mouse and keyboard like he is controlling the computer, notice how they don’t show his hands and movie at the same time, and even went as far as to show him entering the wrong password once because he is nervous. He even grabs the monitor once and moves it around and says there is no way he can fake this, he’s not ILM, Industrial Light & Magic.

It would be very easy to fake the address in the IE address bar, and as people noted at Techcrunch, there are no DNS entries for, and they have another video of a guy that says he copied every link and emailed all of them to himself and it worked for him on the 114th try, hehe. This is starting to sound like a poor mans DOS attack, by getting thousands of people emailing themselves multiple times and logging in and out many, many times, it overloads there servers. Several times tonight I have received errors because gmail was unable to perform an operation.

This just gets better and better. New video found via CenterNetworks “confirming” the accuracy of the hoax. This guy says he got it to work on his 114th login, after copying numerous links on the Gmail settings page. Source: Google TV – An Elaborate Hoax

Google Blogoscoped has got the official word from Google, just in case you had some doubts left in your mind.

Alas, Mark’s “Google TV beta” is simply a figment of his fertile imagination. But great entertainment for all of us here at the Googleplex. Source: Google TV (Hoax)

I admit I tried it and logged into Gmail probably 30 times to just make sure before I posted, so I was part of the problem as well. Erik even has another “great video” called How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal where he tells us to wrap an Ethernet cable around a cell phone and plug the other end into your computer and it will boost your wifi signal, and, he ads, you can coat a salad bowl with aluminum foil to get an even better signal, two hole bars better, hehe. That Erik, he sure is funny.