HD-DVD and Blueray DRM Cracked Already?

Apparently all DRM’s are crack able. Don’t think so? Just ask Muslix64, who recently said he had copied movies in the HD-DVD format, mainly because he had not heard of anyone doing so. Those darn kids.

The HD-DVD coalition includes companies like Microsoft, Intel, Toshiba and NEC; the Blu-ray camp has Sony, Philips and Samsung. Among studios, Universal is exclusively backing HD-DVD. Paramount and Warner Brothers also support HD-DVD, but not exclusively. Representatives of Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers are on the board of the Blu-ray group.

The two groups have taken different technical approaches in their efforts to prohibit consumers from making copies of movies and other digital material stored on discs. Both groups use an encryption scheme known as Advanced Access Copy System. The Blu-ray system also adds a software-based component that makes it possible to modify the copy protection scheme on new discs if the old one is broken by hackers.

In an accompanying video demonstration posted on the YouTube Web site, the programmer showed encryption keys for six movies and concluded by stating ?A.A.C.S. is unbreakable? I don?t think so. Do you? Stay tuned for source code in January. Merry Christmas.? Source: NYTimes

The programmer was supposed to release something today, but I haven’t really looked to see if I can find anything about it.

Added: Just found a video he posted online.

My advice, avoid HD-DVD and Blueray like the plague. If you are like me, it is way to soon to rebuy everything all over again, we just did that when we went from VHS to DVD. You can buy a device that will play all of your DVD’s in HD, the Helios X5000 will allow you to play and stream your DVD collection in HD. The hell with HD-DVD and Blueray, the studios can take that and all of their DRM bullshit and cram it!

Imagine being able to upscale your entire DVD collection and all your video files to the highest of HD resolutions ? 1080p! What more, now you can play native HD video files and enjoy them in the absolute clarity of real high-definition. Source: Neodigits

If I can get my hands on one, I will review it to see what the output looks like, send me one Neodigits, for a few weeks anyway. ;)