Gmail Vulnerability

Sorry for the infrequent posting of late, I blame the holidays and not me….

Google has been getting loads of bad press lately, but this one is most assuredly deserved, apparently there was, and I say was, a Gmail vulnerability that would let websites see your contact list. It was first noticed on Google Video New Feature: Pick People to Email in which he noted it could be dangerous. I guess he was right. He notes in his most recent post, Follow Up on the GMail Bug, that it has been fixed. Matt Cutts even stopped by in his comments to say the delay was because the fix had to be deployed on several properties.

This post, dated today, and appropriately titled GMail?s Flaw Is Now Fixed, commenters noted that modifying the link caused it happen again.

Guess it’s not fixed, as pointed out in the comments all you have to do is modify the link.

So, is it fixed, is it not? Googling Google pretty much said the same thing Matt did,

The problem is only partially fixed. The vulnerability exposed through has been patched up, but there are other sub domains where the problem still exists. Source: Serious Gmail vulnerability fixed

In a related post, people have noted that the storage limit in Gmail has stopped increasing at 2800 megabytes. It looks like they may have just removed the counter, if you ask me it was kind of annoying anyway.