Dell is Selling Windows Vista PC’s Today

According to the WSJ, Dell computers will begin selling computers loaded with Windows Vista tonight, and if you check their site, in fact, they have already started.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has some unidentified sources claiming that Dell will begin selling personal computers with Vista tonight just before midnight eastern standard time. These first movers will get their new Vista-loaded computers on Tuesday, the official launch day of Vista for home users. My question:

Will there be a spike or drop in Dell orders tonight? Source: Dell Taking Orders for Vista PCs TONIGHT!

So it has begun. Most people will probably get their first exposure on their work or university pc, I have an upgrade copy coming for my Dell laptop, so, hopefully I will be using it on one pc soon, and I will give my opinion on it soon thereafter. Otherwise, I will stick to Windows XP until most of the bugs are worked out, how about everyone else?