Apple iPhone Videos

The big announcement of the week is Apple’s announcement of their new iPhone. This phone looks great, but it does have its limits. I think I saw where it would play video for five hours, and play music voicemail, etc a total of only 16 hours, so, if you use it a lot, you will be charging it everyday. I guess plugging it in everyday instead of every other day won’t be that much of a difference, but still. Also, I read somewhere you can’t change the battery pack, not to sure about that just yet. I’ve found some good videos of the Apple iPhone and its features, interviews, and videos about the keynote from Steve Jobs. I’ve posted several links to them below.

Apple iPhone Videos in full screen mode, the thumbnails will be at the top, click one and the full screen video will play below, just scroll down. Here is the link to the normal size video pages. Below is one of those video widgets.

Lots of good commentary on Techdirt about the patents Apple applied for with their new technologies, Does the iPhone Need Patents?. Good Morning Silicone Valley says,

Looks like Cisco’s been iPh0wn3d. Apple has not agreed to license Cisco’s iPhone mark, as the networking giant implied earlier this week (see “Keyboards across country shorted out by ‘iPhone drool’ “). Nor does it intend to, apparently. Source: With all due respect, sir, I don’t think we can backdate the iPhone trademark

The WSJ says that Cisco said when your neighbor steals your property, you call the police and file a complaint, what else can you do?

Apple spokesman Steve Dowling called the Cisco lawsuit “silly,” adding there are several companies using the term iPhone for VOIP products, and Cisco?s trademark is tenuous at best. We’re the first company to ever use the iPhone name for a cell phone, he said. If Cisco wants to challenge us on it, we’re very confident we’ll prevail. Source: iLawsuit!

So, lots and lots of iPhone news from apple and other sources, haters and fan boys alike, check engadget, MacWorld and gizmodo for more coverage.