27 Conference Call Tips

If you are like me, you hate conference calls, it’s usually one or two people talking, or droning on and on, but if you can’t meet someone it’s almost the next best thing. WebWorker Daily has put together 27 tips for all of you conference callers out there and here is the first one.

Whether you call them conference calls or telecons or excruciatingly dull time-wasters, multi-participant phone conversations are as important to most web workers as email. If you can?t meet face to face or arrange video conferencing, the conference call is the next best thing. But just as with email and instant messaging, people don?t always agree on how to use them as effectively as possible as a tool for collaboration.

Try these tips for your next telecon whether you?re the leader of the call or just a participant. And share your own ideas for making conference calls worthwhile and productive in the comments.

1. Get the dial in. If you?re leading the call, it?s your job to make it easy on the people calling in by setting up a dial-in or otherwise getting everyone together on the phone. If you?re an employee, your company may have already chosen a conference calling service for you to use. Otherwise, you can use a variety of online services including foonz, FreeConference.com, and LiveOffice.

These services and others like them allow you to set up a conference dial-in for free, but long distance charges will apply. They also provide premium services such as toll-free numbers for US and Canadian callers. For example, FreeConference.com will provide a toll-free conference dial-in number for $0.10 a minute per caller. Source: 27 Tips for Teleconferencing

If you would rather try video conferencing, you should check out the free trial available from GoToMeeting