Windows XP for Newbies

This post is for everyone who on lands on this site and are not really sure what they are looking for, other than help with their computer, a computer that is most likely running Windows XP. The newbieclub are publishers of some of the best eBooks on the internet when it comes to learning about computers, from Windows XP, to website design, from Windows 98 to MS Word, Keyboarding and Registry help for newbies. The best one so far is the Windows XP for Newbies course, it contains 200 + pages containing a massive library of 400 screen captures (pictures from a PC) and 56 in-depth ‘Newbie-Speak’ Tutorials all designed specifically for PC beginners.

This unique course has transformed the lives of thousands of PC users. People of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Frustrated PC Newbies from all walks of life regardless of educational ability or technical expertise. Its laid back Newbie-Friendly system of translating mystifying Techie-Jargon into Newbie-Speak, has made it one of the most talked about and block busting Windows training courses on the Net.

Are you struggling to get to grips with that metal beast on your desk? Have you tried other books and courses and given up in frustration? Have you almost convinced yourself that computers are just for ‘intelligent’ nerds? And are you constantly muttering to yourself “Is it ME”?

Then you MUST get your hands on this best selling, life transforming course!

Because it will help you achieve whatever you want from your PC, whether it’s just the simplest of tasks, or the joys of starting your own Internet business. Yes, you really can do it … once you know the basics. It’s rather like learning to drive a car … Once you understand the essential controls you can drive any vehicle you choose, and go anywhere you want! Source: Windows XP for Newbies

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