Windows Vista Ultimate Extras

Anybody know what the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras really are? I read a post on Lockergnome that he had applied to beta test them, but even when they asked Ron to apply, they still did not tell him what they were.

What are Extras?
I must be vague because most of the details about Ultimate Extras are still secret. However, if you visit the Extras control panel in Windows Vista Ultimate, you?ll read that Windows Ultimate Extras are programs, services, and premium content for Windows Vista Ultimate.

We think they are cool, and some of the Extras are almost ready to go, but first we want the help of some seasoned Vista users. Therefore we?re creating a limited-enrollment testing program, and I encourage you to apply. Source: The Blade has posted a screen shot of the control panel that will house the extras, and it mentions programs available only through the Extras panel, unique services and Windows Vista tips and tricks.