Windows Vista Business Edition Quick Guide

Cnet has posted a Quick Guide for Windows Vista Business Edition, which is the edition Microsoft thinks small businesses need and want, it will contain extra programs such as Windows Meeting Space, Windows Sharing Wizard, and Windows Fax and Scan.

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows Vista will be sold in various editions: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate, along with a special Starter Edition for sale outside the United States. Only Windows Vista Ultimate Edition will include every feature possible within Vista; all other editions will include only those features that Microsoft has determined different user profiles will actually need. Some features are included across all the different SKUs, while specific features combine with only one or two other SKUs. For example, Windows Vista Business Edition will include Areo graphics, a feature common among all editions, but tablet PC support will be available only with the Windows Home Premium and Ultimate Editions. Features specific to the Business Edition of Windows Vista, as opposed to those found in the Home Premium Edition, are Windows Meeting Space, Windows Sharing Wizard, Windows Fax and Scan, offline access to files and folders, Roaming User Profiles, USB and smart-card authentication, wireless network provisioning, control of device drivers and group policy. Source: Cnet

Their guide contains info on Windows Meeting Space, collaboration software intended for use with Office products, the new file sharing system, remote access that can be pre-configured to allow employees access to remote applications and data, Windows Fax and Scan and the business extras, meant mainly for the IT department.