Free Voicemail for Myspace, Free Local Phone Number

I just found the coolest thing yet for your Myspace account, now you can Add voicemail to your MySpace page, and it’s free! You get your own phone number for your voicemail, so you can give the number out on forms you have to fill out, or surveys, etc, so telemarketers will end up calling your free voicemail and they won’t be bothering you on your home or cell phone.

This free voicemail can be used to setup an outgoing message that invites users to leave a voicemail for them, and you can add it to your Myspace or Friendster page. Here, test it out by calling 304-521-2582 and leave me a message. I will post the funniest ones, so leave your name or website address if you want credit for it. Then try it for free, what have you got to lose?

If you are a Second Life fan, then get free voicemail and phone number for your avatar, get free voicemail for your website, it should work with any of them, free voicemail for your blog, for your mom, for your kids, etc, etc. There are many ways you could use this to your advantage, heck, give it out as your business number and you only have to talk to clients when you call them back. Try it now for free.

  • PrivatePhone can store up to 10,000 voicemails.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a voicemail message via HTML to any users web page or web profile page.
  • PrivatePhone allows users to post a “Glitter telephone” number on their web page, via HTML, as a way of showing people how to contact you.