Vista’s Successors: Fiji and Vienna

A blog titled unnecessary has posted an article about the next two releases of Windows, Fiji and Vienna, listing feature updates, application updates, WinFS, Monaco a music authoring tool, decoders for HD-DVD and Blue Ray, better speech recognition for Fiji, I guess this is why it will be sort of a SP2

Windows Vista has been released for a month now to business, and is going to be released to the general public in a month (January 30). For those who haven?t been following Vista?s development, it is worth noting that even though Vista comes 5 years after XP, it is a rushed product.

It doesn?t really matter if Vista is a success or not, Microsoft cannot wait another five years to release another Windows. People are becoming more aware of the choices they have, and Linux is no longer a hobbyist OS, and that day isn?t far away when it becomes simple enough to be a viable alternative to Windows.

And that is why Microsoft is planning a ?Vista R2″, codename ?Fiji?. From what little information is available we know that this will be a minor release sometime in 2008.

Sounds reasonable so far.

Windows Vienna (formerly Blackcomb) will be a huge departure from current incarnations of Windows, Similar to the transition from OS8-9 to OSX. It will break compatibility with all applications, but the newer, more flexible, richer and secure platform will be incentive enough for applications to be re-written for Vienna. Source: unnecessary

Vienna, or Blackcomb, will have its interface stripped, meaning no start menu, no toolbars or menus, no more shells or taskbars, even better speech recognition, because of WinFS there will be no more need of drives or even files/folders to worry about, but the big thing that doesn’t sound right, is the fact that they will be breaking compatibility with all applications. Something Microsoft has never done in the past.

Robert Claws in a post on his Windows Now blog titled Gees, Apparently Anyone is an Expert These Days says all of the information is made up, plus, it doesn’t help that site that this was its first post.

I love Engadget. But apparently these days, they’ll link to anyone. Consider this post: the blog they link to has a single post in it, purportedly with “inside information” about the next two Windows releases. The problem is, the information they link to is grossly inaccurate. For one thing, Microsoft would never put out a release that “completely breaks backwards compatibility” as a feature, and for another… WinFS as we knew it is long dead. But that’s just the start… almost all of this information is completely made up. Source: Windows Now

Some sites will do anything to get links and traffic, as it is, they have received links from me, Windows Now and lots others, probably a nice start for his blog anyway.