Santa Pwned!

Looks like some hackers were able to get into a gentleman’s, who is legally named Santa Claus, website and added an iframe that tried to install badware into visitors computers, so, Google had filtered it and it had been submitted to for review.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, StopBadware, with all your might, help me find the badware on my site.

This week we received one of our more interesting calls for help. A website owner, who is legally named Santa Claus, came to us wondering why in the world his site ( had been submitted to us for review and was being filtered by Google. He had consulted local experts, which we can only assume were elves, but they were unable to identify anything wrong with his site. Away to our research tools we flew like a flash, and with some quick analysis we knew there was much to dread. (I know I should have tried harder to rhyme in this paragraph, but I think you get the point). We noticed right away that nestled all snug in the bottom of his homepage was a nice little bit of code containing a badware link?specifically, an iframe that would attempt to install badware onto visitors? computers via a javascript exploit. Source: StopBadware Saves Christmas

They showed Santa the code and they removed it, so, Christmas is still on boys and girls. If you want to track Santa Claus’ flight on Christmas eve, check out this site, you can do it using [tag]Google Earth[/tag].