Report Says We Have Too Many Passwords

Can you say duh huh.

A report from the International Telecommunications Union says as we use the Internet for more and more, we are stripping ourselves of our personal privacy, because we end up using the same passwords over and over in an attempt to make it easier to remember them.

The number of passwords and logins web users need makes it inevitable they will re-use phrases, warned the International Telecommunications Union.

Re-using these identifiers puts people at serious risk of falling victim to identity theft, said the ITU report.

It called on regulators and businesses to find better ways for people to identify themselves to websites. Source: BBC

I agree completely, I have so many user ids? and passwords it’s ridiculous. Everyone should have their own personal algorithm to help them choose and remember their passwords. Something like two characters for the site name, your password and then two characters for one of your kids name and two for their birthday, etc, etc. Come up with a combo that will lead you to the same password every time. Another thing users need to worry about is the fact that many sites now allow you to be logged in whenever you visit them through the use of cookies, which means if you loose your computer, the person who finds it could log right in.