No Risk for Malware Authors

Well, here’s another reason for some of the dirt bags of society to start writing malware, if they are careful, they usually don’t get caught. Not only can they make some good money doing it, they get away with it and continue on, doing the same thing, as these security researchers say, cranking out the quantity, not quality, if such a term can be useful in describing malware.

Over the last six months, the technical creativity of malware has fallen along with the ability to cause massive damage, such as that created by the MyDoom and Sasser worms of years past, wrote Alexander Gostev, senior virus analyst for Kaspersky Lab, in a recent report.

To be sure, some malicious hackers are doing creative work. This year saw some sophisticated phishing attacks, and virus writers have been branching into relatively new areas like instant messaging and social networking sites, noted Christopher Boyd, security research manager for FaceTime Communications. But the trend overall, he said, has been “quantity over quality.”

The increase in the volume of malicious code can be attributed in part to the impunity enjoyed by malware writers, said Eugene Kaspersky, head of antivirus research. Despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to strengthen international cooperation, most malware writers are never punished.

“It’s quite safe for them,” Kaspersky said. “If they are clever enough, there is almost no risk for them at the moment.” Source: InfoWorld

As I have said, again and again, this problem is not going to go away as long as people advertise with the, or, as long as affiliate networks like CJ, Linkshare and others allow this malware to be affiliates in their networks. If merchants won’t do it by themselves, then we, as consumers, need to stop supporting those who do, and stop visiting websites that advertise with them. How do you do that? Download Siteadvisor, it will help you by letting you know if you are on a site with bad ratings in their database. Nice quote there from Malware Killer Chris Boyd aka the Paper Ghost.