New Features for Picasa Web Albums

One of Picasa’s newest features, Picasa Web Albums allows you to post your photos online in seconds with one-click web upload directly from Picasa or your web browser, you can even use your Mac to upload photos. It will view and save your friends’ photos, allowing you to keep track of your favorite people and family and see when they’ve added something new. You can download entire albums to Picasa in just one click. You can see photos in large formats, scroll through them quickly, and rotate and zoom. Share the joy with captions and comments. It’s really a great photo tool, and compliments Picasa very well.

Picasa, and you can use the Picasa Web Albums to do all kinds of great stuff, Google just added at least four new features:

Uploading videos. Until today, only users that paid for extra storage could upload videos. Now anyone can do that, but only using Picasa.

Prints. You can now order prints for your photos, but number of options is small.

Tags. Picasa Web Albums lets you tag your photos. You’ll find the option in the sidebar.

Search. You can search your photos, a certain gallery and your friends’ public photos. Google indexes captions, tags, album titles, album descriptions, and album locations. Source: Google Operating System

Picasa, and all of these great features to manage and store all your photos. Lifehacker says,

Upload videos, order prints and more with the latest additions to Picasa Web Albums, the online element of Google’s popular Picasa photo organizer.

The service now allows you to upload videos to your albums; add tags to your photos; search tags in your albums and your friends’ albums; add “bulk” captions to all the photos in an album; and order prints and photo products. Alas, for the moment you’re limited to PhotoWorks or Shutterfly; hopefully they’ll add more services soon. In the meantime, watch out, Flickr: Google’s definitely gunning for ya. Source: LifeHacker

It’s part of the Google Pack as well, you can download the whole Google Pack by clicking here.