More Google Earth Layers

I was going to post on a couple more Google Earth Layers but that just keeps leading to more and more layers, so I thought I would just do one big post on all of the great Google layers I ran into today. Oh, and here is a link to the last post, Wikipedia and Panoramio Layers for Google Earth I posted earlier.

Click this link here to download Google Earth, it’s part of the Google Pack, you get to pick what you want, so if you just want Google Earth, you can download just Google Earth!

Here is a Real Estate guide for Google Earth. So, now you can use Google Earth to make your real estate search in 3D! Plus, you can receive daily updates of the homes that match your search right in Google Earth.

How does it work? First, you need you have Google Earth installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, download it here. Now you can just go to the RSS pull down menu on the top right of any Trulia search results screen and select “Google Earth” to view your search results. When your results load to Google Earth, you’ll find it in the “Places” section; click on the results to zoom on in. Google Earth will automatically update (much like an RSS feed) with the newest listings that match your search criteria once a day. Truliablog

Google has added some new overlays that allow you to view very detailed historical maps, to view them go to the layers section and look for Featured Content > Rumsey Historical Maps. Note: You will need the latest version of Google Earth.

See the world as history’s cartographers once saw it. A new batch of Google Earth overlays covers the globe with richly detailed historical maps.

The Rumsey collection includes 16 maps. Among them you’ll find a 1790 world globe, a 1680 map of Tokyo, and an 1814 map spanning the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi–courtesy of Lewis and Clark. Source: Lifehacker

While it’s not a layer, at least I don’t think it is, you can spell out messages using, check out the Tipsdr Rules message and create your own Google Greeting.

Google has added a couple elections related layers, a U.S. Election Guide and Congressional Districts layer, access them by going to the layers section and enabling them.

Go to and you can Track commercial and general aviation flights, you can track by airline, track by departure/arrival airport, airport activity display, and it has a zoom function.

London: A Life in Maps has been made into a Google Earth layer, it is available here, where you can view London as you have never seen it before, including maps from the 1600′s, 1700′s and 1800′s.