Gears of War Tips

If you’ve been good this year and asked Santa Claus for it, you may find Gears of War under the Christmas tree this Christmas, and if you are like most people, you are just going to jump in online and try to kick some butt. But, you may have a rough time as some gamers have been playing it for a few months. I know my 13 year old boy Davey will be one of them, good thing he doesn’t read my stuff online, and Gamerscoreblog is here to help with some Gears of War Tips.

I wanted to give a few tips to the newbs/newbies/n00bs that I’ve picked up through my matches online. Hopefully these tips will help you guys get over some of the initial learning curve.

Teamwork is key: Stick together, and use voice-chat to update teammates as to which weapons you have, and where you see enemies. Don’t be a hero and run off by yourself or you will quickly get killed, and your teammates will be mad at you.

Initial dash: Most matches start off with a mad-dash to the weapons. During this time, plant your strategy (who’s getting which weapon, what routes will you attack, etc) If you don’t know the maps, tell your teammates that, and follow someone else until you learn them. Source: Getting Gears of War Soon? Newbies Listen Up!

That’s just a coupe of the tips listed, click here for the rest. A couple more comments included, stay away from the shrubbery and watch out for that train. I can’t wait to try it out, which reminds me, I still need to get another controller.

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