Free Private Phone Number & Voicemail

Tired of telemarketers? Would you rather someone leave you a voicemail, so you don’t have to answer the phone? Private Phone is probably what you are looking for. You get a free voicemail using a local phone number, check your voicemail using the phone number or your online email account, you can even add voicemail to your homepage, myspace page, friendster page, Facebook page or profile, YouTube, anywhere you can post html, you can post a voicemail. This is so great and it’s absolutely free. Click here.

Promote Yourself: Express yourself and stay in touch on all your favorite community sites and blogs.
Avoid Unwanted Callers: Use it when you shop, and keep telemarketers from calling your personal numbers.
Auctions & Classifieds: Use it to advertise so you can stay on top of inquiries, yet stop interruptions from buyers.
Personalize Your number: Get a number in a different city for work, or to be local to out-of-town friends and family.

1. Signing up is easy and FREE!
2. Get voicemail alerts in email or on your cell phone.
3. Check your voicemail over the phone or online.
4. No contract, credit cards, or extra equipment required.
5. Select an area code from most cities.