Firefly MMORPG Coming

I posted this on the RealTechNews site, Are You a Browncoat?, they are going to make the quickly canceled Firefly TV series into a massive multi-player online game, in the theme of Star Wars Galaxies, but hopefully, not the same, or at least not as bad as their reviews have been.

Canceled in the United States after only 11 episodes, Firefly has become the Star Trek of 21st-century sci-fi fandom: a show that seemed to remake the genre even as it stayed faithful to the conventions of “hard” science fiction, like engine room problems and menacing hordes lurking on the edge of known space.

What made the show special was the wry, often self-deprecating humor of its characters, from the captain with the checkered past to the unwittingly sexy engineer, the dull hunk of a mercenary with a girl’s name, and the mysterious young woman passenger with special gifts.

The online version will move away from those central characters — after all, there’s only one Mal Reynolds. In an MMORPG, “everybody has to have their own story,” says Multiverse co-founder and executive producer Corey Bridges. Source: Wired

That is what makes some of these games not as good as you would expect, even though the characters are what drove the show and why everyone liked it so much, you can’t play them online, because there is no way thousands of people could play the character and interact with the other characters, it just wouldn’t be manageable, so you end up having to create your own character and the main characters end up being the NPC’s etc, and loose their luster. Still, it will probably be worth checking out, someone, someday will make a good one that is really worth playing while remaining true to the show.

Here is a great comic on the subject, from

Firefly mmorpg