Computer Worm Attacking Norton Antivirus

A vulnerability that was patched in May by Symantec is being used to attack computers running the corporate version of their Norton Antivirus software. The update is not automatic by any means and would need to be applied to corporations running it.

EEye Digital Security, based in Aliso Viejo, said the worm, dubbed ‘Big Yellow,’ began attacking some computer systems on Thursday _ seven months after eEye first discovered the flaw.

Symantec released a patch to address the flaw in May but it’s up to its corporate customers to install it. Officials at the Cupertino-based security software company said Friday it had so far received three reports of systems affected by the worm. Source: Topix

Big Yellow infects machines through the security hole and once infected will try to spread the bot program to other computers, one of the common ways for botnets to proliferate. Symantec said it is not widespread and is definitely not an outbreak by any means as they have had only three reports so far.