Buy Windows Vista Ultimate for $3.50 in Thailand

Before you run out, buy a plane ticket and fly to Bangkok and purchase a hundred copies, these are pirated copies of the recent RTM of Windows Vista, and this article did not confirm whether the software will pass the Windows Genuine Advantage checks, as they did not install the software. I wish they would send it to me, I would like to find out whether it really works or not. If it didn’t, I doubt the stores would exchange it for software that does work, hehe.

We bought our Vista RTM copy in a regular store in an upscale mall in Bangkok. Vista, along with other expensive software, was prominently on display at several stores with prices ranging from $2.50 to $5.00 (US).

Photocopies of the front and back box covers are usually displayed along with a three digit number. Customers simply write down the numbers of the software they want to purchase and take them to the store’s cashier. After paying in the store, it takes about ten minutes for a runner to bring a freshly burned copy of the software.

According to media reports, every few months the Thai police sends people to raid some of the stores, but the officers often end up empty handed. Since the DVDs are burned off-site, there is often no contraband at the store. In addition, stores appear to be well connected and are often told in advance when the police will raid the mall. Source: TGDaily

They figured out later that the DVD they purchased contained a fully functional RTM version and virus-free of Windows Vista that would allow us to install Vista Basic, Vista Premium, Vista Business or Vista Ultimate, although they did not install it. I would’ve tried it out on a piece of crap machine that you don’t need anyway, to at least confirm some of their story. They said on the back of the box it says to set the bios time to the year 2099, and once its installed set the desktop time to the correct date. Surely this simple hack won’t allow it to bypass the WGA checks for software updates, will t? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

It is estimated that 79% of installed software in Thailand is pirated and is a huge problem in Asia.