Zune Review from Cnet

Cnet.co.uk has a review up for the 30Gb Zune, here, and it seems similar to most other reviews I have read. They like it, wish you could do more wireless stuff with it, like the FM radio, wish you could use it as a usb drive, and they think it’s a good start.

We like:
Very good playback performance of audio, video and photos; intuitive and colorful interface; good FM radio with RDS; works well with Zune Marketplace software; integrated wireless allows sharing of songs (although limited) and photos; many accessories available at launch

We don’t like:
Not backwards-compatible with WMA-DRM9; weak native video support (it cannot play protected content) and no video offerings from Zune Marketplace; cannot be used as a hard drive (and no UMS support); proprietary USB; cannot use Wi-Fi to sync, stream or purchase content; minimal bundled accessories; no podcast directory; maximum capacity is 30GB

CNET.co.uk judgement:
The Microsoft Zune, with its intuitive interface and solid playback performance, will please most users. But lukewarm format support and the cool but limited Wi-Fi capability will have advanced users seeking more. The Zune is a very good start, though. Source: Cnet.co.uk

Full review is here.