Windows Vista Pluses

If you are familiar with Windows you’ve probably heard of Mark Minasi, veteran IT consultant and speaker, founder of, writer of many books, general guru when it comes to Windows. Searchwinit has a great interview with him where he discusses the pluses with Windows Vista. Why do people need to upgrade to the new generation of Microsoft products?

Mark Minasi: Well, one of the reasons is that Microsoft surprised us with Vista. Last year at this time, if you had asked me about Vista, I would have and did say that its features were mostly eye candy. But then it became clear last February that a lot of the security technology that we thought we wouldn’t see until [Longhorn Server, due out in 2007], was now in Vista. I think the prime directive of Vista is that it’s going to break applications, but you’re going to be happy about it.

Why would IT people be happy about that?

Minasi: Because we all beat up on Microsoft and we say Windows is insecure. Well, this Vista has hundreds of security settings. You can take it out of the box with its default security settings, but if you flip all the switches, you have a pretty secure operating system. Source: SearchWinit

He covers lots of stuff, security, Windows Integrity Control, Crimson, managed services and thin clients.