Windows Vista Officially RTM

Microsoft says Windows Vista is it’s most heavily tested operating system ever, but what does that really mean? As Mary Jo Foley asked With Vista, what does ‘done’ really mean?. Most software nowadays is never really done, as people discover problems and situations the programmer could never have planned for, there are always going to be updates, service packs and upgrades, it’s unavoidable. As she said, remember, the oven is still on.

PressPass: Windows Vista was released to manufacturing today — what does that mean?

Hallauer: Release to manufacturing signifies the completion of our development work and the start of the next phase for Windows Vista. Windows Vista is the highest-quality version of Windows that we?ve ever produced. We?ve had more people test more builds than previous development cycles, and the result is that we received more feedback than ever before.

That being said, Windows Vista?s journey is not yet done. PC makers, device manufacturers and software developers can finalize work on their products and applications to ensure great customer experiences when Windows Vista becomes available — to our volume license customers this month and consumers on January 30, 2007. Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is hosting a series of events around the world on November 30 to officially recognize business availability of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Vista. So be on the lookout for an article around the end of the month announcing there where’s and how’s.

The Windows Vista Team Blog has a quick post from Jim Allchin and lots of comments here.

Here’s a quick video from allchin, Windows Vista Announcement.