Windows Vista EULA Funnies

There has been plenty of complaining on the end user license agreement that is coming with Windows Vista, like the only being able to transfer it to one machine and one machine only, which would’ve hurt lots of people who are constantly messing with their machines, as replacing a motherboard and cpu could’ve been seen by Vista as a new machine. Microsoft has changed that one, thankfully, but there are many others bound to make you cringe or laugh. Here are a few from Wired.

Windows Rules: You must agree that the operating system rules. It is suggested, but not required, that you also agree that it rocks.

No Apple Computers: This OS may not be installed onto a computer that also houses any version of the Mac OS operating system.

Windows DRM: You may not use this system to remove DRM protection from Microsoft-provided media.

Future Licenses: By using Windows Vista, you agree to not only this license, but to any future revisions to this license. Source: Wired

The last one is the funniest, so be sure to check out the article as I’ve not listed it here.