New Version of Windows Genuine Advantage Coming

And it’s bringing new checking abilities with it. Microsoft is preparing to push out the latest version of it’s controversial WGA, Windows Genuine Advantage, tool to Windows XP users in the coming weeks. Some of the things that have changed, are the installation is more clear on what it actually does, and a change to the wording if your PC is found “not genuine”. The new version will state: “Your system did not pass genuine validation.” Oh, yah, that should explain it all to Grandma and Grandpa, hehe.

“We received a lot of feedback that people wanted more information when the package came down through Automatic Updates and was offered to them,” Lazar said. The first screen of the new version gives an introduction to WGA Notifications in plain English, explains the benefit and the possible consequences if the XP copy is pirated, he said.

“It is necessary because we continue to discover new, compromised product keys,” Lazar said. “We want to update our notifications and validation tool from time to time to also check for those compromised keys.” Source: Security at ZDnet

So, we should be expecting a fresh new round of complaints from users, both who pirate and who buy it, since both had troubles on this last version. They plan on updating the tool every 3 or 4 months.