Microsoft to Add Video Sharing, Cell Phone to Zune

Two Zune articles in a row? Wow, the device must be going on sale soon, lets see, yep November the 14th, 2006 is the big day, tomorrow to be exact. So, no wonder we are seeing so many blog posts, articles and reviews popping up the past few days. I expect we’ll see many, many more this week as people get hold of their Zune’s and start blogging about them. We’ll see many for and many against, some will have agendas against Microsoft, others against Apple, some will just be reviews of the Zune and the Zune marketplace. Anyway, Ballmer announced today that they will add video sharing and will eventually combine it with a phone, Zunephone, no wait zPhone. Honey, answer z phone.

Microsoft Corp. plans to add a video-sharing feature to its Zune player and will eventually sell a model that combines the device with a phone, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said.

The video function would probably be used to transfer content created by Zune customers, Ballmer said in an interview today from Redmond, Washington. He declined to comment on when Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, would add video sharing or announce a phone model. Bloomberg

There is also an article at the NYTimes that discusses how the Zune and the team were born from the Xbox360 and how they grew and grew the device with them. At the end he asks them the question we all want to know,

Would the Zune ever be able to connect to the Internet? Could someone walk into a Starbucks and use the connection there to download a song?

Mr. Lee answered without hesitation: Probably, one day. Source: NYTimes

Allright, internet access someday, better than never, I always say. The Zune was reviewed and slammed by the Times recently, but here is a big fluff piece the day before the launch, what gives? Seth Godin has a good answer,

Of course, the question every entrepreneur asks is not how do I get a Zune, but, “How do we get an article like that one?”

The answer is surprisingly transparent. The Times considers this news, news worthy of two photos and a front of the biz section placement because, “…after committing hundreds of millions of dollars, Microsoft is scheduled to release that device, Zune.” Source: Seth Godin

As I said, we will see many, many articles, I will be writing my own, as soon as I get one that is. Hopefully, the video sharing, and internet access will be added, SOOOON!