Microsoft Plans to Release Windows Server Appliance, Fresno

Microsoft could be looking to take on Linux in the server appliance market, releasing a Windows Longhorn based low end server, to support a few users and not require client access licenses. The server could possibly allow up to five users to connect to it and not require the CAL’s, and it is intended for small businesses.

Microsoft will take on Linux in the appliance market with an entry-level “Longhorn” Windows Server that will support a small number of users but requires no client access licenses, channel sources say.

The planned Windows Server OS appliance, code-named Fresno, will be bundled by OEMs and system builders and is targeted for availability in 2007 as part of the Longhorn server lineup.

The Longhorn appliance, with software and hardware included, will be priced at less than $1,000, several sources said. The software is slated to be available only to OEMs and system builders and cost a few hundred dollars. Source: CRN

Oracle has said it is going into the server appliance business as well, using a modified version of Red Hat and the Oracle application stack. VMWare has also announced a virtual appliance marketplace using Red Hat and their application stack. One can be sure, if Microsoft is going after it, then there will be bunches of money involved somehow.