Microsoft Jumping Into the VOIP Arena

Steve Ballmer, Executive Officer for Microsoft, announced Monday that their latest software will have VOIP and video conferencing, and will enter the market the first of next year.

Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Monday that the company’s new software will enable voiceover IP and video conferencing functionality.

“We will enter the voiceover IP market at the beginning of next year,” Ballmer said at a Microsoft conference in Tokyo, adding that the software giant will also enter the video conferencing market early next year. Source: MarketWatch

Microsoft and Google can affect markets the same way, but in different ways. When Google enters a market, they might be able to dominate it with a free offering, might, since not all of their pet projects go well. When Microsoft enters a market, you can count on them gaining a big share, if they don’t dominate it outright, and making big money.

What does this mean? Well likely in January Microsoft will begin to show off some consumer VoIP products in a big way at CES, either under cover in private briefings or in their booth. It also means a flurry of activity with so called partners who will all become “Microsoft Certified.” Source: VOIP Watch

Good read at VOIP Watch, describes Microsoft’s strategy when entering a market, and how they are far from inexperienced and probably already have their roadmap all laid out for Live Communications Server.