Microsoft Changes Vista Licensing Terms

Microsoft has given in to the complaints about the new Windows Vista licensing and changed its terms to allow users to re-install on other machines.

You may uninstall the software and install it on another device for your use. You may not do so to share this license between devices.

Our intention behind the original terms was genuinely geared toward combating piracy; however, it?s become clear to us that those original terms were perceived as adversely affecting an important group of customers: PC and hardware enthusiasts. You who comprise the enthusiast market are vital to us for several reasons, not least of all because of the support you?ve provided us throughout the development of Windows Vista. We respect the time and expense you go to in customizing, building and rebuilding your hardware and we heard you that the previous terms were seen as an impediment to that — it?s for that reason we?ve made this change. I hope that this change provides the flexibility you need, and gives you more reason to be excited about the upcoming retail release of our new operating system. Source: Windows Vista Team Blog

As we had posted before, the previous terms said you could only transfer it to another machine once, or more specifically, “The short version is that you may “reassign the license to another device one time” or “make a one time transfer of the software, and this agreement, directly to a third party.” Which would severely limit those users who tweak their machines a lot, changing cpu’s, motherboards, etc. Good move Microsoft.