Hubble Shows Dark Energy is Helping Expand the Universe

Wouldn’t you like to be able to have a universal tivo, where you can rewind and fast forward and show everything that has ever happened? I know, it’s a dream, but it would be the only way to confirm some stuff that science can’t. Check this article out about Einstein’s proposal of how the universe could resist collapsing on itself, how he discarded it and other scientists called it his greatest blunder, but, as it turns out, he was right and it could have been expanding the universe from the beginning.

The Hubble Space Telescope has shown that a mysterious form of energy first conceived by Albert Einstein, then rejected by the famous physicist as his “greatest blunder,” appears to have been fueling the expansion of the universe for most of its history.

This so-called “dark energy” has been pushing the universe outward for at least 9 billion years, astronomers said Thursday.

He and several colleagues used the Hubble to observe 23 supernovae _ exploding white dwarf stars _ so distant that their light took more than half the history of the universe to reach the orbiting telescope. That means the supernovae existed when the universe was less than half its current age of approximately 13.7 billion years. Source: Washington Post

I wish Carl Sagan was still around, I always loved watching Cosmos, with him riding in that ship and explaining everything about space. I would love to go into space at least once before I die, maybe if I get rich and buy a shuttle ride one day.