Grey Goo Slimes Second Life

Second Life is back in the news again, and no, it’s not good either. A worm, dubbed grey goo has attacked the virtual world leaving spinning gold rings around the world, and once users started interacting with them, the servers started slowing down.

Virtual world Second Life had to close its doors for a short time on Sunday after a worm attack called grey goo.

The self-replicating worm planted spinning gold rings around the virtual world, which is inhabited by more than a million users. Source: BBC

Second Life became popular, and then the advertising guys started going nuts for it, seeing it as a way to add to their bottom line from within the virtual world, Dell has actually made announcements from there, as well as others. Second Life is said to have a population of about 1.5 million and is growing by 38% every month, but the article notes that the game starts slowing down and becomes unusable when only 15,000 users are logged on, which is only about 1 one hundredth of one percent. Wow. So, 15,000 people are responsible for the big amounts of money being spent everyday, or do they take turns logging in?

One user quoted in the article said she was quitting and would no longer be paying for the service, as she said she hasn’t been able to use it for almost a month. She said maybe you can fool new people, but you can’t fool the people who have been here any length of time.

Users were also unhappy about the copybot, that was recently being used to copy stuff from the game without paying for it, but Linden Labs said they would be releasing tools in the first quarter of 2007 to help users protect their virtual assets. If more problems erupt, it could be too late by then.

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